Here we go again…….GAMESHOW!

Get your tickets here!

It’s happening again!! This time in the East Bay! We had such a great time we couldn’t wait! =)

Doors at 8:30, Show starts at 9pm

Zoe Jakes and Coven are taking a “belly dance show” and throwing a clown box at it, and inviting YOU to participate!! So you want to be a Belly Dancer??? Sign up to take part in the show.. We pull names out of a hat.. if it’s your name.. Then you are now IN the Show!!! Coven will perform as well but there will be a wrench thrown into our dances! No one is safe from the wacky!! Come see a show like no others before!! Come be in a show like never before!!!!

This show is extra special because the proceeds will go to sending Coven to Symbiosis! And there is the addition for you to help out one of our Coven company members who lost her home in the Big Sur fire. Bring some things to help get her back on her feet!!


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